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miss halfway

Debilitating, definitely serious, probably contagious case of Fangirl.

85% Teen Wolf, 15% misanthropy.

Sass is sexy. So is the Oxford comma.

Me: We should do a TV show of me looking at pictures of people on Tinder and making weird facial expressions.

Sarah: While I pout because I like someone?

Me: Yes.

The BFF and I were bored on a Sunday night…

Teaser Interview for Filmweb

<3 I know you’re sitting literally 2 feet away from me right now and that we talked some about this earlier, but still…((hugs)).

you’re my person

I’m lonely.

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Coercion is when you make the consequences to saying “no” to intimacy so great that it removes any reasonable choice. There is more obvious coercion, such as threats, either externally or internally directed. But I find that coercion just sort of organically arises when you believe that your partner, in that moment, owes you intimacy. If you think your partner owes you intimacy, and you are just “expressing your feelings,” there’s a good chance you’re being coercive. If your partner says “no,” and you start preparing for a fight instead of accepting their choice, you’re probably going to be coercive.
» Guest post: On consent in romantic relationships > More Than Two Book Blog (via brutereason)


Being good to each other is so important, guys.

sarah-g replied to your photo “I feel cute.”

Cute? Dude you looked awesome.


Been crying for like four hours. Y’all have no idea how much I wish I could go to sleep.

Standing on the sidewalk with sarah-g tonight and heard a guy refer to me as “the big one.” Held it together for awhile, then cried on the phone to my poor brother in law at 5am.

Some things never get easier.


real nostalgia.

all the songs that got you through your seventh grade emo phase.




So I was thinking about something today. It is a pretty common trope in fic that BAMF!Stiles takes care of threats to the pack, permanently. Often underhandedly and viciously. Fire is often involved, and he makes a point to monologue and point out it will never come back to him and how the poor bastard should never have come after his people. You all know what I am talking about, right?

Well, remember when someone did that in canon?

I know there is a ot of parallels and conclusions to be drawn here - from vilifying female characters to “wow they would be such bros” but I just wanted to put this out here and maybe inspire a lot of fic ok

I feel like I’ve commented on this before, in passing.

It’s what gets me so much about the “pack mom Stiles” trope, really, I think. Stiles in the mom role doesn’t look like Melissa.  He looks like this.  He loves, he loves for damn sure.  He plans.  He’ll go as far as he thinks he needs to go.  Stiles throws lacrosse balls at you until you cry because you need to learn control.  You know what that looks like in a mom?

It looks like Allison in a highway rest stop crying and repeating to herself, clinically and unemotionally and then doing what needs to be done.  It looks a little bit like effectiveness.  It looks a little bit like child abuse.  It looks very, very different coming from an authority figure like a mother than it does coming from a peer or a best friend.

(Okay but now I want to play with all kinds of Scott+Stiles—Chris+Victoria parallels, too.  Scott with his moral code, more important than anything else, his set of rules and even when everyone else he loves may be shattering that line of morality to dust, we keep to the code, and the Scott version of the Code is kinder and less bigoted, a lot less likely to jump to conclusions, but Scott’s still the one with the ironclad rules saying we do these things in the world.  And Stiles, who’ll follow Scott’s morals, who believes in them himself, who believes that it is important to save people the way Scott wants and who will make the plans that Scott will carry out—but his priorities are his people first, and what he has to break in order to save them, he will.

Who’s going to write me the AU where Scott and Stiles are hunters together?  Scott knows about this stuff and so he’s responsible for it.  He has a duty to save everyone from the monsters, no matter who the monsters are or what they look like.  Stiles will save as many people as he can, but his duty is to Scott.

Optional casting of Peter Hale as Gerard Argent is optional, but could be all kinds of fun.)